Japanese surname

Hello everyone.
I am not good at English but I will try hard.

My name is nabe. I take it from Watanabe of the real name.
Do you all know the family name Watanabe?
In Japan it is very much a surname. It is fifth in Japan.
By the way, the first place is Sato, the second place is Suzuki, the third place is Takahashi, the fourth place is Tanaka.
The origin of last name Watanabe is an ancient occupation. Watabe is the people who engaged in carrying people by ship, its origin dates back to the ancient times.
However, since Watanabe is now established as one of last names, people are not conscious of their origins.
Some of them have very rare surname, interesting meaning and kanji, so in that case people have an interest in origin.
For example, it is "小鳥遊”、. Reading Kanji usually reads "KOTORIASOBI". It means that the little bird is playing.
However, the correct answer is "TAKANASHI." The meaning is that there is no hawk.
That "small birds can play", that is, "There is no natural enemy", that is, "there is no hawk."
Recently it is many in animation characters.
It seems that survey results show that Mr. Takanashi of fiction has more households than actual Mr. Takanashi.

Although my last name like this riddle is few, it is very interesting. Please check it if you are interested.

see you